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A Lautsänger-Set consisting of two vertical floor units and an active subwoofer. The two floor units can be set up anywhere in the room at a distance of 20 cm - 30 cm. The musical stage opens up regardless of the listener's position. The Lautsänger Phoenix impresses with its "Klangsog" in rooms from 10 m² to 100 m².

The cases are handcrafted with solid walnut. The integrated cymatic organs give them the unique sound characteristics. It works harmonious with tube and transistor amplifiers.

Lautsänger Phoenix Set

    • incl. installation service in Germany, abroad on request
  • Dimensions

    Lautsänger units (LxWxH): 33cm x 23cm x 25cm

    Subwoofer (LxWxH): 27cm x 27cm x 27cm


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